Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Agency Travel Schedule

[Note: While the dates and event names below are accurate, JAB’s particular attendance at each is still subject to change. We’ll continue to update this list as well learn more, so be sure to check back regularly!]



February 19-21, Boskone: Boston, MA. Joshua Bilmes. Full schedule.

March 24-27, Norwescon: Seatac, Washington. Joshua Bilmes, Sam Morgan.

April 4-7, Bologna Book Fair: Bologna, Italy. Joshua Bilmes, Krystyna Lopez.

April 12-16, London Book Fair: London, UK. Joshua Bilmes, Krystyna Lopez, Lisa Rodgers. Tables 9C and 10C.

April 28-30, Las Vegas Writer’s Conference: Las Vegas, Nevada. Sam Morgan.

May 11-15, Book Expo America & SFWA Nebula Conference: Chicago, IL. Sam Morgan.

May 27-30, Balticon: Baltimore, MD. Joshua Bilmes.

August 12-14, Willamette Writers Conference: Portland, Oregon. Sam Morgan.

August 17-21, World Con 2016: Kansas City, MO. Joshua Bilmes, Lisa Rodgers, Sam Morgan, Krystyna Lopez.

September 9-11, Can*Con 2016: Ottawa, Canada. Sam Morgan (Agent Guest of Honor)

October 27-30, World Fantasy Convention: Columbus, OH. Brady McReynolds.

Novemeber 4-6, EuroCon: Barcelona, Spain. (with Special Guest: Brandon Sanderson)


February 17-19, Boskone: Boston, MA.

March 14-16, London Book Fair: London, UK.

April 3-6, 2017, Bologna Book Fair: Bologna, Italy.

August 9-13, World Con 2017: Helsinki, Finland.