A Dark Interlude

Dark creatures from a world beyond our own have us locked in a crisis of infinite sequels. This is the story of how we escape.

A Dark Interlude is a standalone sequel to 2018’s sellout metafictional dark fantasy comic series Fearscape. The only problem is…the narrator is in denial about it being a sequel, and the entire plot of the book is that endless sequels are keeping humanity stagnant and unable to grow.

In A Dark Interlude, we follow Henry Henry, The Muse, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, and a bevy of supernatural beings as they try to help humanity escape this “sequel crisis” before it destroys not only our world, but the supernatural world beyond it, too.


"A Dark Interlude charges forward into The Fearscape, with Henry Henry a bit sidelined relative to the series’ past. This adds up to a confident and intriguing follow-up (not a sequel!) to Vault’s literary ego sendup comic, one that is not to be missed."

Comics Bookcase

"To call A DARK INTERLUDE a triumph is a predictable understatement. With the crew back together, it was no wonder this comic was so good. If Fearscape was a sellout success, A DARK INTERLUDE won’t be far behind."

The Valkyries

"If you loved the first Fearscape, then this is another tour-de-force read that continues the first book’s gloriously ambitious tone and even takes it up a notch.... A Dark Interlude is another indie masterpiece from Vault Comics and the reason why we keep harping on about how good they are as a publisher!"

PipeDream Comics

“Andrea Mutti and Vladamir Popov once again bringing these amazingly creative characters to life...[A DARK INTERLUDE completely sucks you into the world of fantasy and mystery.”

Caffeinated Critique

"O’Sullivan’s got some really neat and creative writing tricks going on here to tell the tale as he wants to and Mutti’s artwork delivers in spades across the board."

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