A Miracle in Paradise (#4)

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Private Investigator Lupe Solano has been hired by an apprehensive Mother Superior to verify or debunk the claim by a local order of nuns that a miracle will take place in Miami on October tenth. If the miraculous event does indeed occur, it will rock the city’s Cuban community, the nation, and the world.

But a disappearance and a dead body soon turn Lupe’s search for the truth into a hunt for a killer. And the skeptical sleuth must now enter a most sacred place to unveil an evil that might be taking refuge there.


“A memorable tale of Cuban-American life, this novel boasts an engaging plot and a fiery heroine armed with sharp insights into Cuban and Catholic ways that will lead readers happily into the sultry heat of Little Havana.”

Publishers Weekly

“Lupe Solano is intelligent, witty, and eloquenty hard—boiled. The realistic Miami description radiate heat from the page.


“Gritty and witty [...] a fascinating look at Cuban-American culture and beliefs. Garcia-Aguilera has crafted realistic and intriguing characters into a plot that never bogs down.”

San Francisco Examiner

“Solano just happens to be one of the freshest protagonists to come along in the last few years […] Garcia-Aguilera has built an interesting support team around her and Miami continues to be a terrific place to stage mayhem.”

Chicago Tribune

Awards & Accolades


Winner Flamingo Award: 1999 “Best Mystery Novel Set in Florida”