A Plague of Demons


His secret assignment was simply – to save mankind from the savage dog-like ‘things’ that used their hands like men. Yet an unknown number of apparently ‘human’ beings were against him too.

First transformed by surgery into a superman, John Bravais probes ever more deeply into the secret nightmare world of the ‘things’. At last, when only his mind remains — trapped in a vast robot war machine on the moon — only by an immense act of will-power can he give humanity a future.


“This last sequence, indeed, is one of the most exciting and imaginative that I have come across in quite some time; wild, wacky, improbable, and yet, gripping in the extreme [...] A PLAGUE OF DEMONS is the kind of book that makes the reader want to dive into many more works in its author’s oeuvre, and thus, I already have The Best of Keith Laumer sitting on my bookshelf at home, waiting to be opened.”

Fantasy Literature

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