A Star is Dead (#4)

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Hollywood diva Jessica Gray is on the last leg of her one-woman show when she suffers a sudden and fatal illness . . . but Angela Richman thinks there’s more to it.

“Ageless” Hollywood diva Jessica Gray is finishing the last leg of her one-woman show in St Louis, Missouri, and the nearby town of Chouteau Forest is dazzled. During the show she humiliates three homeless women onstage, fires her entourage – not for the first time – and makes a bitter enemy of the town’s powerful patriarch.

After she collapses at an after-show party and is rushed to the hospital, she ignores the advice of her doctors and discharges herself in order to return to LA. On the way to the airport she suffers a deadly coughing fit. It was poison. When Angela Richman’s friend, Mario, is arrested for the murder and faces the death penalty, she is compelled to investigate.

With so many grudges held against the actress and Mario’s life on the line, the stakes are higher than ever.


“This third in Viets’ Death Investigator series will satisfy both procedural and cozy fans who like a good puzzle.”

Booklist, Starred Review!

“Witty dialogue and well-defined characters, including plucky and intelligent Angela, lift this wry look at the trappings of celebrity. Fans and newcomers alike will be pleased.”

Publishers Weekly

“[A STAR IS DEAD] is an intriguing mystery featuring a character in the little-known job of death investigator.”

Library Journal

“What this series does so well is blend together the best aspects of forensic procedurals and cozy mysteries […] This continues to be a cleverly written mystery series that exposes the ugly underside of the wealthy elite and the pretenses money only superficially hides.”

Kings River Life

“Sharp dialogue and well-sculpted characters punctuate A STAR IS DEAD.”

Sun Sentinel

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