All Washed Up (#3)

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Cara Mia thought she found a sculpture of a mermaid in the sand…and then it moved! Rescuing a half-drowning immigrant was not what she wanted on her morning walk. Was it the right thing to do? Will the woman survive? And if she does, will she be okay? And where are all the other immigrants who made the perilous ocean voyage with her?

Someone is behind all these beached landings of immigrants. Cara might have uncovered a human trafficking scheme. To trace these soggy deaths back to the source will take every bit of Cara’s courage, plus a lot of help from her cranky grandfather. And then her son gets involved.

Suddenly it’s Cara’s family that is at risk as a run-in with deadly coyotes threatens to destroy everything and everyone Cara loves. How could one good deed go so badly wrong?


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