Angel Station


They’re outlaws now. Created to serve a function grown obsolete, haunted by the holographic ghost of their father, Ubu and Maria have lived their entire lives skating along the edge of extinction. Now they and their ship Runaway are in flight both from the law and from a predatory clan of competitors. They’re going to come back rich, or not at all.

But what they find in the depths of space isn’t wealth, but a secret so startling that Ubu and Maria will need every last reserve of guile, cunning, and intelligence just to survive . . . 


“[An] intriguing far-future alien-contact/space-frontier yarn […] Broadly persuasive and inventive.”


“Williams colorfully evokes the life of the trader families and their honkytonk space stations. With its emphasis on youth, beauty, sex and mischief, the novel also conjures a contemporary mood agreeably distinct from its futuristic setting.”

Publishers Weekly

“Williams has produced another of his excellent adventure tales, this time set far in the future.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“Williams has advanced the cyberpunk theme to deep space without the depressing nihilism that often attends it […] Fast and clever, ANGEL STATION represents solid science fiction by a quickly maturing writer.”

The Detroit News

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