Be My Enemy (#2)

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Everett Singh has escaped with the Infundibulum from Charlotte Villiers but at a terrible price. His father has been banished to one of billions of parallel universes, and Everett and the Everness crew have taken a wild Heisenberg Jump to a frozen earth far beyond the Plenitude of Known Worlds. It’s a deadly chase from the frozen wastes of iceball earth to Earth 4 (like ours, except that the alien Thryn Sentiency occupied the moon in 1964); to the dead London of the forbidden plane of Earth 1, where the remnants of humanity battle a terrifying nanotechnology run wild. Everett has the love and support of Sen, Captain Anastasia Sixsmyth, and the rest of the crew of Everness, but will that be enough when your deadliest enemy isn’t the Order or the world-devouring nanotech Nahn—it’s yourself?


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