Bleed Them Dry: A Ninja Vampire Tale

The year is 3333. Earth is in a state of recovery. Vampires are real, and though far less populous, they thrive alongside humans in the Japanese engineered mega city known as Asylum. People have come to understand that some Immortals are good, some are bad, and most navigate the world without incident. There is peace.

That is, until now. Someone is brutally murdering vampires. And Detective Harper Halloway has been assigned to the case. To solve it, she’ll have to unearth a much deeper truth: the future of humanity has been edited.


"[A] solidly entertaining adventure, providing macabre thrills against its neon-splashed urban environment."

Publishers Weekly

"Each page raises the stakes (vampire pun intended), and it’s clearly going to have so much to offer in a big way, potentially shaking up the vampire genre. Jump on this one at the start, because it’s something special."

Comics Bookcase

"BLEED THEM DRY just keeps getting better and better.”

Wandering Nerdgirl

“BLEED THEM DRY (issue #1) is the beginning of something great.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots

"This far-future vampire detective story is fantastic. The setting is intriguing. The plot is smart and engaging."

Pop Culture Squad

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