Blood Brothers

Juan Ramón Fuertes was only seven years old when he witnessed his parents’ brutal murder by their business partner, Martin Esteban, in a deal gone awry. He spent the next fifteen years enduring brutal Spanish orphanages, studying Esteban, nursing his hatred, and vowing to avenge his slaughtered parents. When he sees a newspaper article about Esteban’s son, the pious but troubled Brother Bernardo, Juan Ramón’s perfect plan coalesces: he’ll use Bernardo as the instrument for his revenge. 

Bernardo thought he’d finally conquered his sinful desires, just in time to ensure his ordination. One look at the newest addition to the monastery, however, shakes his conviction. Juan Ramón is everything Bernardo has wanted: compassionate, supportive, and understanding. To be with him threatens his dreams of becoming a priest, but those dreams seem empty without Juan Ramón. 

Juan Ramón’s scheme has one flaw. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and the feelings he has for Bernardo are anything but. Shaping Bernardo into the perfect vessel for revenge isn’t so easy when he sees how tortured delicate Bernardo becomes. Will love soften Juan Ramón’s resolve, or will he sacrifice the one thing he didn’t know he wanted to achieve his long-awaited revenge?


“A sexy, savory novel […] Schiefelbein is a masterfully atmospheric writer, evoking the culture of Spain in the years both before and after the 1975 death of the dictator Franco with the flair of a fine travel writer, while at the same time crafting an unusually intelligent psychological thriller.”

Richard Labonte

“A refreshing departure […] In addition to BLOOD BROTHERS’ well drawn characters are the other atmospheric details that Schiefelbein has such a gift for. The greatest and strangest of these is the mysterious, transcendent and sometimes destructive thing called love.”

X-Factor Magazine

“Pulp fiction to the max […] a compelling read and the characters are clearly drawn. Like a guilty pleasure, you just may have to hide it in your robes when people are looking.”


“You’ll be busy turning the pages, be it for the blood, sex or fears.”

Memphis Flyer

“A straightforward and timely story that could have been stolen directly from recent headlines […] Schiefelbein has succeeded again in writing a well-crafted novel that draws us in and will not let us go. Just like Vampire Vow, BLOOD BROTHERS will keep you riveted and begging for more.”

The Libery Press

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