Blood Road

Not all vampires are tall, dark, and handsome.

Some are short, fat, and ugly.

Amanda Peck is stuck in a dead-end job, lives with a deadbeat boyfriend, and is dead set on changing her life. With no thought about what tomorrow might bring, she packs up and runs. She hitchhikes west by accepting rides from truckers, but what she know is that prowling the enedless miles of asphalt on eighteen wheels is a vampire who’s already claimed the lives of five women, leaving their mutilated bodies in his tracks like so much roadkill.

Will the next truck take her on the ride of her life, or will it take her on a nightmare journey that can only lead to the end of the road?


“Van Belkom has crafted an engaging “anti-vampire” tale that is as refreshing as it is gross […] and gross it is […] the book chugs along at a lightning-fast clip. This is van Belkom at his most gleefully sadistic, and it just might be the Bram Stoker Award-winning author’s most frightening and disturbing work to date. Add to that strong, believable characters, chilling atmosphere, and a vampire that’ll make your skin crawl, and BLOOD ROAD is must-read horror.”

Rue Morgue

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