Bloody Secrets (#3)

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In Bloody Secrets, Lupe Solano returns to work the case of a balsero – a refugee who escaped Cuba by raft. Although Lupe doesn’t accept clients without a reference, she is intrigued by Luis’s story: a drifter living in a flophouse in a dangerous neighborhood, he claims that one of Miami’s prominent Cuban couples has swindled his family out of their fortune and arranged for his murder.

Lupe is instantly drawn to Luis, who appears to be more interested in his family’s honor than in the money that is rightfully his. She finds that she can’t push him from her mind — brought up by a once aristocratic mother whose husband died in Castro’s prison, he is the sort of man she might have ended up with had her family not succeeded in leaving Cuba in the first wave of immigration in the 1960s.

But Luis’s case is far more complicated than Lupe anticipates, when innocent people are killed, and when she finds that her feelings for her client are more than professional.


“With sharp-edged characters and some profound probing of moral ambiguities, the latest Lupe Solano tale is suspenseful, provocative and satisfying.”

Publishers Weekly

“The third Lupe Solano novel continues to have the freshness that made its two predecessors remarkably insightful and compelling novel.”

Harriet Klausner

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