Body and Blood

Things fall apart, but for Father Chris Seib, they are just getting good. He has spent much of his forty-one years remaining true to his vows and serving his congregants righteously. But now that Father Jack has moved back to town, he isn’t sure how long that’s going to last. Chris has longed for Jack since they were in high school, long before they took their vows. Now being in a room with him and praying the rosary by his side, it’s all Father Chris can do to keep himself from following his passion. 

When Chris’ colleague and friend commits suicide, rumors spread that the deceased had been engaging in a long-term homosexual affair. The Arch Bishop announces that all gay priests, sexually active or not, will be immediately discharged from service, sparking a witch-hunt. Now Chris and everyone in the diocese must reevaluate his devotion to the church, and to the people whose faith is in their hands.


“A sexually charged thriller […] with a lot of heat.”


“[A] steamy suspense tale […] Schiefelbein presents the dilemma of gay priests with sensitivity.”

Publishers Weekly

“With delicate grace, Schiefelbein compassionately limns the all-too human yearnings and shortcomings of clerics in this quietly moving novel.”


“Compelling […] Schiefelbein’s writing is crisp and flowing. His descriptions of Catholic ritual and practice are thorough and reverent, and his perceptions about issues facing the church are interesting. A subtle beauty pervades this text despite the more controversial parts.”

The Daily Oklahoman

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