When Trans Atmos Shuttle 34 disappears into a wormhole, its pilot and passengers are launched into an adventure of gigantic proportions. Lost in an oversized parallel universe, the group must put aside their differences and unite to survive a hostile environment. But the biggest threat they’ll face is the one that hitched a ride on Shuttle 34.


“COLOSSI from Ricardo Mo, Alberto Muriel, and Stelladia is where Lost and The Twilight Zone meet.”


“COLOSSI is a delightfully strange book that builds a huge world through the smallest details […] COLOSSI #3 is a gorgeously-illustrated installment in a miniseries that blends mystery with sci-fi, horror with comedy, and creates an unusual story perfect for fans of weird series like The Twilight Zone or even campier fare like Are You Afraid of the Dark? […] [It] delivers on all of the spooky surprises you would want, managing to deliver surprisingly real bumps in the night in a visual medium.”


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