Corruption of Faith (#1)

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Washington News reporter Sutton McPhee is in a funk. She has worked her way up to the big time – covering education for a major metro daily in the nation’s capital, but even that job has lost its luster. She is jerked out of her professional doldrums, however, by the devastating news that her younger sister, Cara, has been murdered. Cara worked as a church secretary and was loved by her friends and the congregation. Her death by gunshot in a bank parking lot has left the police – and Sutton – mystified.

When the police can’t give her answers, Sutton’s grief drives her to try to solve Cara’s murder herself. The more she learns, the greater her determination to follow every lead until she finds her sister’s killer. But that decision will take Sutton into a world where religious faith and power are masks for blackmail, greed, perversion and worse – and where Sutton soon finds her own life is on the line in her search for justice.


“A well-written, interesting who-done-it, starring a bright new amateur sleuth in her debut novel. Fans of female amateur sleuths will be looking forward to Brenda English’ next entry in what appears to be a promising series.”

Midwest Book Review

“An extraordinarily good debut […] English does an excellent job of bringing the sister’s character to life, even though she never appears in the book, as well as creating a well-rounded and interesting sleuth in Sutton. I’ll certainly look forward to the next.”

MLB News

“A mystery that provides more than a whodunit. A glimpse at the underbelly of human motivation and the lengths some people will go to achieve their nefarious desires. Solid, at times humorous, often touching.”


“Assured writing and deft characterization combine in a debut for fans of writers of strong yet compassionate self-aware women […] you grow really fond of Sutton and her sensible yet sensitive attitude.”

Poisoned Pen

“This reviewer looks forward eagerly to English’s next effort.”

Affaire de Coeur

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Poisoned Pen: “Best paperback originals of 1997”