Crimes of Passion (#9)

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Crimes of Passion, ninth in the multiple award-winning Hot Blood series of erotic horror, has a criminally good array of talent — 14 stories by such authors as diverse as literary giant Joyce Carol Oates, mystery giant Lawrence Block, horror giant Ramsey Campbell, musician Greg Kihn, and the stunning Stoker Award finalist “Madame Babylon” by Brian Hodge. Your eyes will be cuffed to the page until you finish this inescapable, essential volume.  With some of the biggest authors and best stories, Crimes of Passion is erotic horror at its sinful, wonderful best.


“The editors are not only stretching their wings, they’re pumping arcane substances to develop new and powerful wing muscles. There appears to be a new energy infused here. When it clicks, the sound is like a powerful handgun being cocked in your ear. With its second wind, this series will certainly bear watching.”


“Not a weak story in the book […] it should serve to warm your veins quite nicely during the long winter's night.”


Awards & Accolades


Includes “Madame Babylon” Bram Stoker Award Finalist: “Best Short Story”