Death Drives a Semi

The Canadian author twists his observations of the sad, violent, and ironic sides of life into a compilation of horrific tales.


“Edo van Belkom is a fine writer off to a great start. These stories are full of fire and dark smoke, fueled by wit and ingenuity.”

Joe Lansdale

“Edo van Belkom is a true original, which is not something you can say about most of us. His stories are sly, wry, nasty, sad and violent. They convey the brutalizing effects of violence rather than gory (and dull) details. He has a voice all his own, and songs well worth the singing. This is one hell of a good book.”

Ed Gorman

“DEATH DRIVES A SEMI comes at you with a sparkle in its bloodshot eye, a happy twist on its pale lips, and a switchblade tucked into a back pocket of its faded jeans. These stories move with the brutal, crazed efficiency of a starved rat who has just spotted a half-eaten cheeseburger on the other side of the alley. They know where they are going and intend to get there with no wasted motion. Throughout, Edo van Belkom’s left-handed, almost surreal sense of humor aerates and elevates the proceedings by providing a constant ironic commentary, like a sound track composed by Frank Zappa and Spike Jones.”

Peter Straub

Awards & Accolades


Bram Stoker Award Finalist: “Best Collection”


Aurora Award Finalist


Includes Bram Stoker Award Winning Short Story “Rat Food”