Doc in the Box (#4)

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Columnist Francesca Vierling thought she had it tough dealing with the cutthroat office politics at the St. Louis City Gazette. But stressors in the newsroom reach new heights when her dear mentor Georgia is diagnosed with cancer and Francesca offers to hide her illness from their boorish boss.

When Francesca goes to pick up Georgia from treatment, she is horrified to find the staff shot dead and a distraught Georgia the only survivor. The crime is bloody, shocking, sensational—and just the kind of story that would allow Francesca to break free from her oppressive employers. All she has to do is solve the crime.

The story quickly grows out of control when a doctor is killed in the same building as the massacre. And then another. And another… Because the killer isn’t just out for blood—they’re out for revenge.

And Francesca is about to get in their way…


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