Drinking Midnight Wine

There is a world beyond the world

It figures. Just when Bradfordian bookshop clerk, Toby Dexter, finally works up the nerve to talk to his secret crush, she darts into an open door. Toby follows, and in that second, everything changes. Though it still looks like Bradford-on-Avon, the town’s suddenly chatty ATM and river mermaids are the first clues that something is quite out of place—namely, Toby. The moment he stepped through that door, Toby entered the magical parallel world of Mysterie.

Our ordinary dimension—the one Toby knew as Bradford-on-Avon—is actually Veritie, a mere shadow of its alter ego, Mysterie, where magic and myth, gods and monsters, living legends and walking nightmares reign. And Toby isn’t the only recent arrival. A cunning and vicious demon—The Serpent’s Son—has returned to Mysterie, accompanied by a malevolent new ally, intent on bringing down both dimensions. 

Toby can remain mortal, return to Veritie, and try to convince himself that he had a bad pint of bitter that night. Or he can stay in Mysterie, join forces with his new friends Leo Morn and his Brother Under The Hill, and try to stop The Serpent’s Son. The choices Toby makes will have dramatic consequences for both worlds. It may not be the first time Mysterie’s wars have spilled over into our reality, but if Toby fails, it could be the last.

Simon R. Green, New York Times bestselling author of the Deathstalker series and the Nightside series, brings his trademark wit and inventiveness to his beloved hometown of Bradford-on-Avon, in this charming standalone urban fantasy novel.


“An incredibly English novel, in the best sense of the word.”

The Guardian

“Another wildly fantastic extravaganza bound to please [Green's] many fans.”

Publishers Weekly

“Green weaves numerous plot threads together with vivid characters, sharp dialogue, and a touch of Terry Pratchettish absurdity. This world and these characters are so amusing that it will be a shame if Green doesn’t revisit them.”


“An engaging cross-world fantasy that transforms a small English village into a realm of wonder and nightmare. Fans of the urban fantasies of Charles de Lint and Tanya Huff should enjoy this multilayered tale. For most fantasy collections.”

Library Journal

“A fantastic tale [...] DRINKING MIDNIGHT WINE has a little of everything — mystery, fantasy, horror, suspense and a wicked sense of humor. Green throws it all in a [b]lender and what comes out is a very satisfying story.”

The News-Star

“With his usual over-the-top style, Green mixes gods, angels, hard-hitting violence, and mundane details with absurd abandon, working humor into even the most horrifying moments, for some great fun, with a bit of a blood-stained edge to it.”


“Wisecracking fantasy adventure. An entertaining romp […] Many of Green’s characters have a depth that humorous fantasy often lacks.”

Starburst Magazine

“A likable hero, some new takes on the set up, and [Green's] usual highly polished adventure format […] I wouldn’t mind another trip to the worlds of Veritie and Mysterie.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“An imaginative and fun adventure.”


“A highly satisfying comic fantasy — well-written, funny and with a happy ending.”


“Stands out as being an original and interesting fantasy. It is also a highly entertaining book, easy to read and great fun. Without making it an actual comic story, Green writes with a dry wit and irony which is refreshing and appealing, particularly when compared to the pedestrian nature of much fantasy writing.”

Infinity Plus

“I was entertained by every page of this book, and can recommend it most highly.”

SF Site

Awards & Accolades


#2 Locus Trade Paperback Bestseller List


#6 Locus Mass-Market Paperback Besteller List


Finalist, Children of the Night Award: “Best Dark Fantasy”