Written with Rosel George Brown

Galactic hijinks: We are in the year 13,000 A.D. Our hero is Roan, a pure-strain human, who, as a boy is kidnapped by the owner of a freak show and sent on a “summer stock” tour by means of spaceship. This weird interplanetary circus troupe is suddenly pirated by another vessel. But its outlaw commander, the dashing Henry Dread, turns out to be a pure-strain human, and he instantly takes a liking to our youthful hero.
From here on, EARTHBLOOD explodes into wild cascades of pure adventure and excitement. Dread and Roan wander through the universe, sacking planets, keeping a sharp lookout for errant pure-strains, and landing at last on the planet Terra, totally unprepared for what they are to find there…


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