East of the Mountains of the Moon: Chimpanzee Society in the African Rain Forest

In East of the Mountains of the Moon, Michael Ghiglieri, biologist and and protégé of Jane Goodall and an expert in primate behavior and ecology, describes the day-to-day lives of chimpanzees in the wild, looks at how they find food, communicate, and raise their young, and offers a glimpse at their complex society.


“…A heartfelt document for the general reader that “brings it back alive” — the scope, the details, the dramatis personae, chimp and human. The book is quite interesting merely as a travel story, personal odyssey, and an insight into the scientific methods of biologists.”

The New York Times Book Review

“Readers who have enjoyed Goodall on the great apes will find this equally illuminating.”

Publishers Weekly

“An excellent addition to the growing body of scientific literature on primates [...] Ghiglieri adds important insights to the study of chimpanzee ecology and behavior.”

Library Journal

“The charm of this book is Ghiglieri’s ability to place the reader in the midst of the hardships of field work […] and then contrast all that with an almost spiritual feeling for what it’s like to spend one’s day watching chimpanzees.”

American Scientist

“I recommend it for anyone interested in primatology, or in animal behavior and conservation in general, and especially for students considering field research on animals.”

Journal of Anthropological Research

“Michael P. Ghiglieri’s EAST OF THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON is in the best tradition of Jane Goodall. Quite an addition to being a compelling analysis of why animals act as they do, this book is also a splendid adventure story.”

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