Fear Itself

Everyone’s afraid of something … 

But certainly not a horror writer—right? Master editor Jeff Gelb asked 21 giants of the horror genre to tell us about their own worst nightmares, and this intimate anthology was the result. A horrifying burglary. A mother who will stop at nothing to give her little girl the best. A wife murdered by a stone Madonna. A writer who loses his gift and goes mad with grief. Stories from Joyce Carol Oates, Graham Masterton, Max Alan Collins, Jack Ketchum, Nancy Collins, and John Shirley will chill you to the bone.


“Gelb has succeeded in creating an unusual collection, in that some traditional horror elements are foregone in favor of the more tangible terrors of this world, from snakes to plane crashed to homicidal maniacs and sex abuse […] An intriguing comment on the impetus behind and impact of horror writing.”

Publishers Weekly

“The 21 writers whose work can be found here definitely rose to Gelb’s challenge, crafting stories which pack a bit more punch than your standard anthology fare […] As horror anthologies go, FEAR ITSELF is a definite cut above the competition. There’s a sense of honesty to it which I found quite appealing, both in the fiction and in the author notes where the contributors open up about what inspired them to write what they did. If ever there was an anthology which deserves a sequel, it’s FEAR ITSELF. Recommended.”

Afraid Magazine

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