Finger Guns

Finger Guns is a deceptively brave story about kids, who have the strange ability to point their fingers at people and—bang—manipulate their emotions, but it is not a story for kids. 

A young white kid runs around blasting people with a finger gun that makes them powerfully angry. A young girl of color fires a calm gun to stem the chaotic tide. These two become friends—support each other, learn from each other, and even hurt each other, in equal measure. Finger Guns is a book about emotional maturity, what it takes to grow up, how few of us actually do, and the importance of harnessing compassion in an age of selfishness.


"Finger Guns #1 has swept its way into my heart. It is a smart and heart-filled look into the emotional cravings and needs of teens. Reminding me of my youth and my personal refuge in music, much like protagonist Wes, I can be sure that most people will find this story relatable."

But Why Tho?

"Finger Guns #5 takes a captivating concept and grounds it so firmly in reality in a way that makes it feel real and as though it has serious consequences. The characters have amazing story arcs. The ending is bittersweet and just a bit hopeful. It’s a very satisfying read."

Major Spoilers

"This is a strongly written and realized coming of age story, made more original with its slight stray into fantasy and science fiction. Touching, delicate, brutal, unforgettable."

The Fanboy Factor

"The fine folk at Vault Comics continue their fantastic form of 2019, with Finger Guns another outstanding comic from Justin Richards and Val Halvorson, that puts two fingers up to its competitors!"

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