Guilds & Glaives

Edited by Joshua Palmatier and S.C. Butler

Stop right there! 

If you like your fantasy filled with fellowships and noble quests, this anthology is not for you. And if you love lengthy tales of politics and power, then it won’t be to your taste either. But if you like a little intimacy with your evil, and your vengeance short and sweet, with perhaps a pinch of silliness in the witchcraft, then these fourteen delicious sweetmeats of sword and sorcery will prove right up your alley. And it will be a dank, twisting, fetid alley, too. 

In this book you will find no high elves (only low), no politics (unless assassination is involved), and certainly no nobility. Join Lawrence Harding, Howard Andrew Jones, Esther Friesner, Jenna Rhodes, Gini Koch, Violette Malan, Leah Webber, David Farland, R.K. Nickel, Ashley McConnell, D.B. Jackson, James Enge, Jason Palmatier, and Amelia Sirina as they explore the perilous streets and clashing blades found in GUILDS & GLAIVES.

Introduction by S.C. Butler
“In the Asps’ Nest” by Lawrence Harding
“The Sword and the Djinn” by Howard Andrew Jones
“Honors Among Thieves” Esther Friesner
“Rainbow Dark” Jenna Rhodes
“The Three Assassins of Lord Slaughter” Gini Koch (writing as Anita Ensal)
“Footprints of the Hound” Violette Malan
“The Witch That Wasn’t” Leah Webber
“Oathbreaker” David Farland
“Blood and Onyx” R.K. Nickel
“The Charter” Ashley McConnell
“Guild of the Ancients” D.B. Jackson
“The Cage at the End of the World” James Enge
“Assassinsssss” Jason Palmatier
“Those Who Look Back” Amelia Sirina


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