Is their survival worth their freedom?

After the Dissolution, life on a dying Earth changed dramatically. Society retreats to enclosed, climate-controlled cities where lawbreakers are expelled to the Outside—the barren and ruinous world beyond the safety of the domes. Yet, the undomed South Pacific island of Tuamatutetuamatu thrives. Some say it is magic, while others cite the isle’s geographical isolation—either way, its existence raises many difficult questions about domed living.

Born in the bleak Chicago dome, Gwinn Rhys fantasized about living and creating in the elite domed artist haven of Harmony. Her apprenticeship with a master theatrical set designer—the legendary sceneographer Micah Cervantes—is a dream come true. But beneath the lush, colorful metropolis of Harmony, discord grows. The Closed Door League’s push to ban all immigration to the city threatens Harmony’s long-standing policy of sponsoring foreign young artists like Gwinn. 

When a mysterious troupe of Tuatuan performers known as “the Eye” arrives in Harmony, their mix of mystical realism and ties to anti-dome politics doesn’t sit well with everyone. Those made rich by Harmony’s status as an exclusive tourist mecca and art-export hub will do anything to protect their interests, setting off a chain of bloodshed and violence that rocks Harmony to its core. The secrets the Eye carry will not only change Gwinn’s life, but could obliterate domed society forever.


“With gathering momentum, HARMONY achieves real power, the lived-in quality of an historic moment as seen by its participants. Profound questions about art, survival and responsibility are enlivened by the high spirits of the young Apprentices, and the equivocally magic doings of the Eye. Experience that future with Gwinn — she lives in interesting times.”


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