Implied Spaces

The mysterious swordsman Aristide wanders the multiverse with his talking cat Bitsy, both of them in search of the “implied spaces,” the accidents of architecture in a world that is itself artificial and created by a supreme intelligence.  

While exploring the pre-technological world of Midgarth, Aristide discovers a plot that threatens to shake the multiverse to its foundations, a sinister enemy intent on laying all humanity in his thrall. Aristide must surmount war, plague, death, the loss of love, and cosmic havoc in order to finally confront the enemy, whose secret brings all reality into questions . . .


“An intelligent, delicate and precise novel of real depth: a pleasure to read, an undertaking to savor.”

Kirkus, Starred Review

“Williams tells the tale with enthusiasm and a crisp, dry wit well suited to this entertaining blend of high adventure, intrigue and postsingularity technology.”

Publishers Weekly

“The novel is a great deal of fun […] IMPLIED SPACES is very much mature SF, building on the ideas the field has been addressing in the past decade or more, and quiet nicely so. Recommended.”

SF Site

“This swift little novel is rewarding in proportion to its promise […] The book is shot through with some surprisingly rich philosophical issues that show he’s gotten to grips with the real human implications of a post-Singularity civilisation in a way that few writers achieve […] It’s fast, fun and smart – and you can’t ask for much more than that from a posthuman space opera.”

Velcro City

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