From the Aurealis Award-winning author of A Crucible of Souls.

Inquisitor Angel Xia, former mercenary turned detective, is used to being the hunter. But on another routine murder investigation the bodies begin to pile up, and Angel finds herself a target of sinister powers determined to conceal the truth.

The hunter has just become the hunted.

Betrayed by those she trusted most, and barely escaping assassination attempts, Angel receives a cryptic message from child begging for her help. Framed for horrific crimes, the only chance to clear her name is inextricably linked to a little girl.

Running for her life, Angel races to forgotten places at the edges of known space that hold the darkest secrets of humanity…and the greatest threat to its future.

And all will be determined by what she chooses to do next. That is…if she can stay alive.


"INQUISITOR asks many deep and insightful questions [...] providing interesting and unique characters [...] and a good story-line, all wrapped in the authors wonderfully clear and distinctive prose [...] Highly recommend."


“A fast paced and explosive story filled with action and substance [meets a] unique and fascinating world with powerful yet sympathetic characters that will grab a hold of you and refuse to let go. Fans of Hogan’s previous work will love this book, as will most science fiction fans looking for a cracking and action packed story with body.”

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