Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature

edited by Jacob Weisman

The invasion of the future has begun.

Literary legends including Steven Millhauser, Junot Diáz, Amiri Baraka, and Katharine Dunn have attacked the borders of the every day. Like time traveling mad-scientists, they have concocted outrageous creations from the future. They have seized upon tales of technology gone wrong and mandated that pulp fiction must finally grow up.

In these wildly-speculative stories, you will discover the company that controls the world from an alley in Greenwich Village. You’ll find nanotechnology that returns memories to the residents of a nursing home. You’ll rally an avian-like alien to become a mascot for a Major League Baseball team.

The Invaders are here. But did science fiction colonize them first?


“This volume is a treasure trove of stories that draw equally from SF and literary fiction, and they are superlative in either context.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Solid and lingering.”


“Further proof, if any more were necessary, that the line between genre and literary fiction is simply speculative.”

Library Journal

“Consistently excellent, and occasionally exquisite.”

Foreword Reviews

“Solid, enjoyable pieces told in skillful prose. Which makes Invaders one of the better anthologies I’ve read lately.”

Fantasy Literature

“Invaders is a playful and imaginative exploration of what it means to write in the field of science fiction.”

AV Club

“The writing in these stories is excellent and wonderfully nuanced. You won’t find bad prose in any of them. Instead, you’ll find a well-selected treasure trove of good and exquisite prose.”

Rising Shadow

“Invaders seems to be a collection designed with the task of subverting and upending stereotypes about “genre” fiction in mind […] It does an admirable job of showcasing how seamlessly science fiction themes can be blended with a more traditionally literary voice. The stories are smart and balanced, with a dark side but highly readable.”

Lit Reactor

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