Knight Moves

Eight hundred years ago Doran Falkner gave humanity the stars, and he now lives with his regrets on a depopulated Earth among tumbledown ruins and ancient dreams brought to life by modern technology.  

But word now comes that alien life has been discovered on a distant world, life so strange and impossible that the revelation of its secrets could change everything. A disillusioned knight on the chessboard of the gods, Doran must confront his own lost promise, his lost love, and his lost humanity, to make the move that will revive the fortunes both of humans and aliens . . . 


“KNIGHT MOVES is an engrossing and evocative read, a tale of immortality and love and death rendered in a style that reminds me more than a little of the early Roger Zelazny. Williams’ people are intriguing and sympathetic, and his portrait of an Earth left transformed and empty by a humanity gone to the stars, where aliens dig among ancient ruins for old comic books while the creatures of legends stir and walk again, will linger in my memory for a long time. Williams is a writer to watch, and—more importantly—to read.”

George R.R. Martin

“This is a rare SF novel in which one character’s distinctive voice opens up a world and a society that have been fundamentally changed by scientific innovation.”

Publishers Weekly

“KNIGHT MOVES uses an unmatched cast of characters, human and otherwise, to tell an intriguing story.”

Fred Saberhagen, author of the Book of Swords trilogy

Awards & Accolades


Philip K. Dick Award Nominee