Lear’s Daughters

The year is 2073. Earth’s climate is faltering and her ecosystems are breaking down. Her burgeoning populations now rely on food and energy supplies imported from colony worlds. 

A routine exploratory mission to the planet Fiix finds a world at war with itself, continuously devastated by unpredictable weather patterns. When storms and flooding ruin the Terran base camp and destroy their power and communication links, the explorers must discover what’s causing the weather’s behavior, not just for the sake of science, but to ensure the expedition’s success and survival.

Originally published as two novels, The Wave and the Flame
and Reign of Fire, now revised and republished as Lear’s Daughters.


"A powerful and complex cautionary tale as timely as it is entertaining. Grand-scale storytelling with personal immediacy, a good choice for most sf collections."

Library Journal

"This is a wonderful planet, and the alien Sawl culture is interesting and contains hidden depths [...] The science fiction mystery has fascinating answers, but it’s the human conflict that drives the book and lifts it out of the ordinary."


"If you're looking for science fiction that is truly able to transport you to another world and show you how very everyday characters react to that world, LEAR'S DAUGHTERS is absolutely a must read."

Fantasy Book Review

“I loved Kellogg’s LEAR'S DAUGHTERS duology […] Kellogg does a marvelous job of creating complex individuals, male and female, within complex societies.”

Feminist Bookstore News

“A spellbinding duet of novels. I couldn’t put these books down.”

Susan Dworkin, author of Desperately Seeking Susan

“It was simply not possible to go on with my life until I knew what happened to Susannah and Stavros […] her evocation of a loving people living on a planet at war with itself was totally absorbing. I loved the heroes, I hated the villains, and the right man got the right woman when it was all over. What else is there to want?”

Marsha Norman, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Night Mother

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