Luck of the Draw

In this “entertaining romp” (Booklist) from the author of the Lupe Solano Mysteries, a woman travels to Las Vegas to find a missing sibling and instead finds herself rolling the dice with some very dangerous people—and with a very intriguing partner…

Over the years, Esmerelda Navarro has become quite used to her eccentric family. But when her mother has a dream that the entire clan must unite in Miami to restore their long-lost casino—which, unfortunately, is still in Cuba—Esmerelda isn’t exactly ready just drop everything for the occasion.

Then things get even more bizarre when her mother declares that Esmerelda must go to Las Vegas and collect her wayward little sister—a task made even more difficult by her sister’s apparent disappearance. Now, the situation has just become much more personal. And perilous.

Aided by an unlikely ally in tough-as-nails ex-NYPD detective Dennis O’Shea, Esmerelda must dive deep into the underworld of Sin City. And in this city of mobsters, gamblers, and party people, she’ll have to be smart, savvy, and incredibly lucky if she’s going to save her sister before someone deals her a seriously bad hand…


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