Luck of the Draw

Esmeralda thinks it a joke when her mother informs her and her siblings Sapphire, Ruby, and Quartz that the family has a duty to bring La Estrella — the casino the Navarro family owned in Havana before Castro took power — back into existence. With a mandate given to her through a dream, the Navarro matriarch announces that in order for La Estrella to thrive once more, the family must be reunited in Miami. Only there’s a hitch: the youngest daughter, Diamond, a journalist living in Las Vegas, is missing. Esmeralda, the eldest and most sensible of the Navarro clan, is dispatched to find Diamond in an underworld that this Miami mother of three thought she would never be suited for. Surprisingly, Esmeralda is not only suited for Las Vegas, she thrives in it.

From seedy bar to casino to back alley, Esmeralda sleuths her way through Las Vegas with sexy style — and into a mystery that is much larger than she, her family, and her ancestor’s history had ever bargained for.


“Esmeralda’s adventure is as skillfully written and plotted as Garcia-Aguilera’s successful Lupe Solano mystery series, and Esmeralda is a feisty, entertaining narrator.”

Publishers Weekly

"An entertaining romp."


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