On a hot, sultry August afternoon, twenty-two-year-old Magnolia Larson finds herself sitting on a barstool at the Miami Sports Bar having to decide whether to remain in Miami or return home to Minneapolis.

Suddenly, a very attractive, beautifully dressed woman sits down and identifies herself as a sports agent. Almost out of money and with no prospects of making any, Magnolia is intrigued by the sports agent’s proposal to train as a “sports geisha,” a high-priced hooker for elite athletes.

If she accepts Magnolia would acquire skills that will serve her well throughout her life—learning languages, studying the pressures elite athletes are under with a sports psychologist, and getting into top-notch physical shape. The offer allows Magnolia to remain in Miami while enjoying a huge payday. But can a conservative Catholic girl from the Midwest transform herself into a courtesan? And if she does, at what personal cost?


"Garcia-Aguilera creates a lovably imperfect heroine in this Pretty Woman–type tale [...] readers will fall in love with Magnolia in this engaging tale of what unexpected choices can be made when one’s back is against the wall."

Publishers Weekly

"Magnolia is an enticing novel of romance and growing up. Very much recommended reading."

Midwest Book Review

"Magnolia is so sexy and sultry, it should be dripping sweat among other body fluids. Part romance, part sports Kama Sutra, part marvelous fun, this pay-to-play page turner of a beautiful woman's journey as a sports geisha is as caliente and entertaining as Miami itself."

Brian Antoni, author of SOUTH BEACH: THE NOVEL

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