Maxwell’s Demons

Smartly written and dark, this science-fiction gem has lit the comics world on fire with this emotionally challenging yet engaging story from Deniz Camp, and visually brought to life by Vittorio Astone and Deron Bennett.

Issue No. 1: Maxwell Maas may be the greatest mind the world has ever known, but at 10 years old he has a lot to learn. Adventuring to distant worlds through his makeshift multiversal closet door, Max will encounter greatness and goodness on a cosmic scale. But will he realize that danger lurks on both sides of the door before it’s too late?


“MAXWELL’S DEMONS isn’t an easy comic to read emotionally. It’s the kind of comic where you almost need something else to read afterward, to help cool down, but painful stories exist for a reason. MAXWELL’S DEMONS wouldn’t hurt so much if we didn’t care about Max’s journey.”

The Geeked Gods

“If you’ve ever wanted to know what a Pixar movie directed by David Fincher would look like, I would suggest you take a look at MAXWELL’S DEMONS.”

Multiversity Comics

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Included in Free Comic Book Day on May 5, 2018