Nine Hundred Grandmothers

Lafferty’s Nine Hundred Grandmothers collects the following stories:

“Nine Hundred Grandmothers”
“Land of the Great Horses”
“Ginny Wrapped in the Sun”
“The Six Fingers of Time”
“Frog on the Mountain”
“All the People”
“Primary Education of the Camiroi”
“Slow Tuesday Night”
“Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne”
“Name of the Snake”
“Narrow Valley”
“Polity and Custom of the Camiroi”
“In Our Block”
“Hog-Belly Honey”
“Seven Day Terror”
“The Hole on the Corner”
“What’s the Name of that Town”
“Through Other Eyes”
“One at a Time”
“Guesting Time”


“Wild, subtle, demonic, angelic, hilarious, tragic, poetic, a thundering melodrama and quest into the depths of the human spirit […] R.A. Lafferty has always been uniquely his own man.”

Poul Anderson, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Queen of Air and Darkness

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