Nor All Your Tears

On the cusp of forty, advertising artist Charley Morton was comfortable, if not content, with his life. The married father of two had grown to accept the monotony of the daily grind. All that changed when a chance encounter with a gorgeous new coworker turned Morton’s quiet suburban world upside down. Jeri Adams is young, beautiful, and the target of every bachelor in the office. Morton knows he shouldn’t be thinking about Jeri, let alone feeling jealous. He has a wife and a family to consider. All he can do is dream of Jeri. But the dream is not enough. As attraction twists into obsession, Morton finds himself willing to do anything—abandon his wife and children, sabotage his career, perhaps even murder a rival—in order to win Jeri’s affection. He just can’t let her go…even if it destroys him.


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