Northern Dreamers

What makes these authors tick? Read and find out.

NORTHERN DREAMERS features 22 interviews with authors of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror such as William Gibson, Guy Gavriel Kay, W.P. Kinsella, Spider Robinson, Robert J.Sawyer, Ed Greenwood and Tanya Huff. 


“It’s a fine example of expert-level dialog. Van Belkom’s a first-rate interviewer in that he asks the right questions to trigger solid answers, and he never intrudes as the interviewees make real progress in disclosing their own personalities […] NORTHERN DREAMERS deserves high praise for both its entertainment and reference value.”


“Hearing these writers talk about themselves offers an interesting perspective on their work. Suitable for academic collections on criticism of genre fiction.”

Library Journal

“If you haven’t yet read NORTHERN DREAMERS, you’re missing one of the best collections of insightful, thoughtful and intelligent views of the SF genre in Canada today.”

Northern Fusion

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Aurora Award Finalist