Omega Sol

At a lunar research station on Earth’s moon, scientists are stunned to witness the sudden appearance of a massive silver sphere that leaves destruction in its wake. Seemingly indifferent to the human beings it has devastated with its arrival, the sphere takes up residence in a crater. From there, it unleashes dozens of strange tower-like structures that surround the moon. Little can be uncovered about the object, except that it has travelled millions of light years, and is in communication with a distant galaxy.

But its ominous purpose soon becomes clear when it manipulates the sun into an accelerated life cycle, hurtling it toward its Earth-destroying red dwarf end-stage.

Only scientist Dr. Cameron Conrad divines the intelligent design operating behind this solar manipulation. He knows that to those controlling the sphere, humans seem like little more than insects. He is the only one who at last understands their truly alien nature enough to tell them, through the startling hyper-dimensionality in which they, exist that their science experiment with the sun may annihilate all humankind…


“A gripping story […] once I started, I had trouble putting the book down […] I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I’ll keep an eye open for future releases by Scott Mackay.”

Pulp Fiction Reviews

“I couldn’t put it down […] major thumbs up.”

SF Site

“A suspenseful story based on ideas and personal conflicts. Mackay has written several very good SF novels in recent years.”

Critical Mass

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