One Hot Summer

In a novel of love, family, and the insanity they have in common, Carolina Garcia-Aguilera—author of the author of the Lupe Solano Mysteries—“perfectly captures the conflicts of these cosseted Cuban-American women” with a generous splash of “tongue-in-cheek humor.”

After taking a year away from her law career after the birth of her son, Margarita Maria Santos Silva finds herself at a crossroads during a singularly sizzling summer in Miami Beach. At first, all she has to worry about is whether to return to work or stay at home—and both her alfa male husband Ariel and old-school family strongly prefer the second option.

But then another possibility enters the picture… with a wink and a smile she’s never forgotten.

Years ago in law school, she loved the ridiculously charming and handsome Luther Simmonds. But the realities of life soon saw them drifting apart. Now, Luther is in Miami with Margarita on his mind, and she finds herself considering for the first time in a long time what she really wants for herself, her life, and her heart.

But even if she figures out those questions, can she muster her fiery Cuban courage to do what it takes?

“Garcia Aguilera creates human characters we can empathize with.” —Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

“This frisky Cuban-flavored story about a married woman who has an affair with her former law school boyfriend goes beyond the classic story of adultery[…] [Carolina Garcia-Aguilera’s] experience as the writer of the successful Miami-based Lupe Solano detective novels has give her an edge when it comes to writing a gripping story.” —USA Today


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