One Hot Summer

A sizzling summer of sexy fun in Miami Beach, where anything can happen . . . and does.

Margarita Maria Santos Silva is a woman adamant about making her own decisions in a family that seems to have the future, as well as the rules, neatly laid out for her. After the birth of her son, Margarita is at the end of taking a year off from her stressful legal career and trying to decide whether she should go back to work or stay home and raise her son—the latter being the choice both her overachieving husband, Ariel, and old-fashioned family desperately want her to make.

But when her old law school boyfriend—the handsome Luther Simmonds—shows; up out of nowhere, all hell breaks loose . . . Now she has more than one critical decision to make and only one hot summer to do it in.


“Garcia-Aguilera perfectly captures the conflicts of these cosseted Cuban-American women. Her tongue-in-cheek humor enlivens the situations she describes with intimate familiarity [in] this zesty tale [...] Aguilera’s Miami sleuth, Lupe Solano (HAVANA HEAT and BITTER SUGAR), has won her the Flamingo and Shamus Awards. By sticking to a world she knows well, the author has produced another crowd pleaser.”

Publishers Weekly

"Tropical politics, culture and identity [...] are at the center of ONE HOT SUMMER [...] Garcia Aguilera creates human characters we can empathize with."

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

“This frisky Cuban-flavored story about a married woman who has an affair with her former law school boyfriend goes beyond the classic story of adultery […] [Carolina Garcia-Aguilera’s] experience as the writer of the successful Miami-based Lupe Solano detective novels has give her an edge when it comes to writing a gripping story.”

USA Today

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