A “raucous” story by creators Donny Cates, Dylan Burnett, and Taylor Esposito, Reactor sucks you in and doesn’t let go. A year has passed since Poli landed on Earth with the mission to kill every damn vampire that drove humans off-planet. A year since Weep, a teenage girl, showed Poli that in fact not everyone made it to the stars. And now, standing before King Luc’s royal blood farm, Poli and Weep are all set to smite some bloodsuckers…until the sky opens and the bombs drop.


“…if you ever find yourself wondering where you can find a comic that feels like a summer blockbuster, with all the excitement and humor and drama that comes with it, then REACTOR is it.”

Multiversity Comics

“…a fantastic comic blending horror, sci-fi, and action genres to deliver a truly unique experience.”

Comic Crusader

“This series belongs to that sacred category of pulp fiction that wants nothing more than to excite and entertain […] It’s just old fashioned vampire-killing fun, and I’m glad it exists.”

Doom Rocket

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