Retief of the CDT (#7)

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Against a raging backdrop of interplanetary intrigue. 

This time the resourceful officer of the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne must deal with horrors unknown as he hunts the universe for a stolen ballet theatre.

The courageous Terran must fight the five-eyed Groaci, outwit the ferocious Tsuggs, and reason with the talking flowers he finds in the midst of his dangerous mission.

But in spite of all this, in the face of the vagaries of alien plots and the wild ambitions of his superiors, Retief remains strong and unshakable – and in peaceful and just control of the galaxy!

“Ballots and Bandits” (1970) • novelette;
“Mechanical Advantage” (1971) • novelette (aka Retief, the Long-Awaited Master);
“Pime Doesn’t Cray” (1971) • novelette;
“Internal Affair” (1971) • novelette (aka Retief, Insider);
“The Piecemakers” (1970) • novelette.


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