Scream Queen

Six contestants. One haunted house. And a whole lot of bloody murder. 

B-grade horror masters the Gowan brothers have devised a new reality TV show with a killer hook. Six contestants compete for the chance to star in an upcoming slasher movie. All they have to do is survive one night in a “haunted” house and be voted Scream Queen. 

The setting is perfect: a crumbling Victorian mansion with a gruesome history and a former owner who turned out to be a serial killer. Throw in a few buckets of fake blood, a bunch of rubber body parts, and a cast of aspiring actors who’ll do anything for a close-up. An expert parapsychologist even warns the production team against disturbing the house’s dormant spirits. Fantastic publicity. Sure, the budget’s low, but the ratings are going to soar.

Then the sun goes down. The cameras start rolling. And all hell really breaks loose… 


“An ominous rollercoaster ride of a ghost story that is at once surprisingly simple and deceptively complex, a novel which exemplifies both the author’s penchant for comic horror and intense terror – not to mention a genuine love of horror movies […] SCREAM QUEEN rocks.”

Rue Morgue

“Edo van Belkom captures the essence of Hollywood horror in his new novel.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Great creepy fun! A post-modern edge-of-your-seat thriller, with enough smarts to know when to scare you and when to make you laugh. Having survived a decade in television, I thought I’d seen it all, but this book is actually SCARIER than meeting a Hollywood Network Executive!!”

Ron Oliver, writer/director of Prom Night 3 & more

“A great premise that takes great liberties—and has great fun with—the concept of `reality shows.’ Scary, witty, sexy, with a startling and diabolical climax. A non-stop read!”

Ed Gorman

“A good sense of pacing here, unfurling the story at a rapid clip, with just enough blood and guts to keep horror afficianados happy and keep squeamish readers on the edge of their seats.”

Reel to Real

“Poised to become his breakout book.”

North York Mirror

“Keep your eyes peeled for SCREAM QUEEN and buy it.”

Gotta Write Network

“A book made to be a movie if ever there was one. A great plot […] a great read for a horror fan.”

Imaginative Cinema Society

“Those readers who take van Belkom up on his offer to ride through this funhouse are going to have one hell of a trip. The action starts early and continues pretty much nonstop. The pages fly.”

The Book Barn

“A beach book for the horror crowd. Fun and fast-paced, the book is a terrific read.”

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Aurora Award Finalist