Sea Change

by Nancy Kress

Operative Renata Black has a serious problem: an ordinary self-driving house. But this house, causing a traffic snarl, also has the Org’s teal paint on the windowsill.

In 2022, GMOs were banned. A biopharmaceutical caused the Catastrophe: worldwide economic and agricultural collapse, and personal tragedy for lawyer Caroline Denton and her son. Ten years later, as Renata Black, she is a member of the Org, an underground group of scientists hunted by the feds. But the Org’s illegal food-research might just hold the key to rebuilding the worlds’ food supply.

Now there’s a mole in the Org, and Renata is the only one who can find out who it is. At risk is the possibility of an even more devastating climate collapse. For answers, she will go to her legal clients from the Quinault Nation. Will there be time to reveal the solutions that the world has not been willing to face?


“This urgent, deeply satisfying story is as tenacious and inspiring as its heroine.”

Publishers Weekly

“Kress writes a brilliantly imagined near future complete with false identities and analog spycraft mixed into an aggressively digital world in which greenhouses hiding GMO carrots are as vulnerable as missile bases, ‘drivie’ houses cruise unassisted down streets, and disinformation campaigns blaze on social media.”


“A realistic climate fiction with superb plot and memorable characters. It actually reads like a Hollywood thriller!”

Strange Horizons

“SEA CHANGE, a forthcoming novella by acclaimed writer Nancy Kress, is everything I love about speculative fiction. The story has a compelling near-future setting, is full of smart characters with sharply written dialogue, and is so thematically rich and progressive.”

Backshelf Books

“This new work of fiction from Nebula Award winning author Nancy Kress, SEA CHANGE is a riveting climate-change techno-thriller.”

Environmental Magazine

“Nancy Kress’ Sea Change novella shows that she’s still the master of biological disruption and human insight.”

Amazing Stories

“In a word, fantastic. Ms. Kress has crafted a brilliant and frighteningly realistic near future world.”

Disciples of Botax

“Readers who like conspiracies and stories with both strong science and strong characters will enjoy SEA CHANGE.”