Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar

Edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray

For thousands of years the immortal Gilgamesh has presided over the legendary Ur-Bar, witnessing history unfold from within its walls. Some days it is a rural tavern, others a fashionable wine shop. It may appear as a hidden speakeasy or take on the form of your neighborhood local. For most patrons it is simply a place to quench their thirst, but for a rare few the Ur-Bar is where they will meet their destiny.

Join R.K. Nickel, Rachel Atwood, Kari Sperring, Jean Marie Ward, Gini Koch, Jacey Bedford, William Leisner, Garth Nix, Diana Pharaoh Francis, David Keener, Mike Marcus, Kristine Smith, Aaron M. Roth, and Juliet E. McKenna as they recount all new tales from the Ur-Bar. From humor to horror, from the Roman Empire to Martian Colonies, there’s something to please everyone. Just remember to beware when the mysterious bartender offers you the house special …

Introduction by Patricia Bray
“Honorbound” by R.K. Nickel
“Forest Law, Wild and True” by Rachel Atwood
“The Wizard King” by Kari Sperring
“A Favor for Lord Bai” by Jean Marie Ward
“A Lawman, an Outlaw, and a Gambler Walk Into a Bar …” by Gini Lock (writing as A.E. Stanton)
“Make Me Immortal With a Kiss” by Jacey Bedford
“Bound By Mortal Chains No More” by William Leisner
“Welcome to the Jungle Bar” by Garth Nix
“But if You Try Sometimes” by Diana Pharaoh Francis
“The Whispering Voice” by David Keener
“Ale for Humanity” by Mike Marcus
“West Side Ghost Story” by Kristine Smith
“Thievery Bar None” by Aaron M. Roth
“Wanderlust” by Juliet E. McKenna


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