Serf of the Mountain (#1)

Forthcoming April 2022!

In Clay Harmon’s fantasy debut, power comes from days-long life-threatening trials which enable the binding of rock and metals in the human body to those in the world around us. Many people aren’t bound to a mineral at all, a typical tradesmen maybe to one.

Ig, on the other hand, was put through his trials by the Great Ones themselves. His bindings are virtually unlimited, as the trials to attain those bindings were so arduous he was lucky to survive. Ig is now blessed with great power, but cursed with a flesh binding that ties him until death to the corrupt Magnate Sorrelo, and where death is the price of Ig’s disobedience.

But when Sorrelo is overthrown in a coup, the flesh binding will pass into new hands. Ig quickly learns that he can do worse — far worse — than what Sorrelo had been ordering him to do. If Ig can’t escape the flesh binding, he will face an impossible decision: kill hundreds of innocent people or sacrifice himself instead.


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