Shock Rock II

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With this horrifying sequel of short story thrillers, the music just got turned up loud. Beginning with Mark Verheiden’s exploration into a twisted-if-musical mind, and ending with Rush’s Neal Peart and Kevin J. Anderson’s creepy quest for a village peddling haunted drums, this collection rocks hard and reads heavy. A diverse group of award winning suspense writers, graphic novelists, music critics and musicians delve into the psyches of superfans, front men, and dead legends-some of whom are less than dead. From music to murder to mayhem, Shock Rock II will blow your mind.


“A smashing success.”

Horror News Magazine

“Gelb has topped even his previous scary success with this new collection of twenty-one musical menacings. Trust me, there’s a whole lot of shrieking going on in this book.”

Comic Buyer's Guide

“An entertaining collection […] good hooks and memorable riffs.”


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