Slay and Rescue

There’s always trouble in Illyria: dragons to slay, villains to fight, and one beautiful princess after another demanding to be rescued from a fate worse than death. It’s a full-time job for Charming, noble prince and professional hero. In fact, young Charming thinks he’s just about ready for a leave of absence.

But you’re always on call in the Slay and Rescue business, and soon Charming is working overtime when he becomes embroiled in a plot involving an evil sorceress, an enchanted castle, one angry dragon, and no less than three beauteous damsels in distress, each with her own plans for our hero, and none of them to be trusted long enough to shake a sword at…


“A glorious romp through fairytale times and places. And, of course, everybody lives happily. Fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld will enjoy this.”


“A sidesplitting, rib tickling roller coaster ride of fairy tale parodies laced with hilarious bits connecting fantasy with modern day issues […] a must read for Monty Python fans.”

Alternate Hilarities

“A humorous fantasy, and a charming one at that […] a delicious job […] all in all, good vulgar fun, and a neat job of melding and modernizing.”

Asimov’s SF Magazine

“A clever, zany romp, full of creative one-liners and cheerful anachronisms, with language appropriately overblown for stereotypical effect […] hilarious sustained parody.”


“John Moore’s delightful SLAY AND RESCUE stands out from the crowd […] All the main characters work well, and my favorite is Wendell, (Prince) Charming’s pre-pubescent page, who’s more interested in food than in princesses. Moore has a good sense of timing and knows how far he can carry a joke before it becomes tiresome. I laughed throughout SLAY AND RESCUE, and it’s not easy to make me do that these days.”

Aboriginal SF Magazine

“A hilarious romp through several well-known stories.”


“Great […] a jewel of humorous fantasy.”

Fan Media

“SLAY AND RESCUE definitely belongs to the best novels in the field of humorous fantasy literature.”

Fantasy Portal

“A nice book for all fans of Terry Pratchett.”


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