A bold, new science-fiction adventure from writer Tim Daniel, with singularly captivating art by Michael Kennedy. FIGHT FREE.

No. 1 synopsis: A champion fighter convicted of murder, Kinju Dayal faces automated confinement: The transfer of her consciousness into a state programmed labor machine. But a ruthless underworld boss diverts Kinju into a vessel unshackled from its rigid programming. Only Federal Marshal Rueben Reveles stands between the armored warrior and sanctuary.


“A high-minded look at the intersections of violence, corporate exploitation of the individual, and technology, with imaginative art that conveys a sense of robotic and existential dread.”

Batman’s Bookcase

“The early anime robot tech, retro CPU visuals, and bleak military atmosphere all mesh perfectly for a powerhouse debut. SPIRITUS rules.”

Doom Rocket

“There’s a rare smoothness to SPIRITUS that sets it apart from other books, and it proves you need far more than concept alone to sell a story.”

Multiversity Comics

“Although the wraparound cover of Spiritus depicts a woman running side by side with a humanoid robot, I can’t help but be reminded of that feeling you get when looking at the black and red-figure pottery of the ancient Greeks. That feeling of connection to a different time and place. A connection made possible by a team of craftsmen and women working together to take something of function and use it’s form as a foundation to tell their stories […] And like those pots and paintings of ancient days past, this comic book was crafted for more than art’s sake, it serves a purpose. It carries accurate social commentary with Ted Daniel’s words. It holds all the proper emotion thanks to the art and colors of Michael Kennedy. And the message is clear thanks to Lauren Norby’s lettering and balloon styling.”


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