Survival is just the beginning.

For three years, ex-CIA agent Barney McLean has been leading a quiet double life in Fortune, California. His peaceful retirement is shattered when two hit men break-in, looking for his long-time girlfriend Angie. But she’s already gone, along with her young son Tony. It turns out, Angie was hiding some dangerous secrets of her own.

A mafia informant in the witness protection program, Angie Simmons—formerly Angela Marchetti—lived in fear ever since she testified against her powerful mobster husband, worried that someday he would track her down. If he catches up to Angie and the kid before McLean does, no one will be able to protect her.

As McLean desperately tries to find Angie, he is pursued by his own past—a rogue CIA agent with a blood vendetta against McLean. He’ll stop at nothing to see McLean dead. Hunted by both the mob and the feds, McLean is on his own now, running out of time and luck as he races across the country to save the woman he loves.


“The author is a professional, and everything moves rapidly to the final convulsions.”

The New York Times Book Review

“Charbonneau supplies believable characters and action aplenty. McLean, dodging bullets and baseball bats right up to the bloody climax, stays on his toes — and keeps readers on theirs as well.”

Publishers Weekly

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